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Sarmiento vs Atletico Tucuman prediction, odds and free tips 10/02/2022

With the new edition of Copa de Liga Profesional ready to start, one of the first games to be played is the Sarmiento vs Atletico Tucuman duel. So, let’s take a more detailed look at this match and what we can expect from it.

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Sarmiento and Atletico Tucuman to Draw

These two teams were only four points apart in the aggregate standings in Liga Profesional last season, so it’s obvious that they are similar in quality.

And while we did not see Sarmiento and Atletico Tucuman draw in the last five h2h meetings, we expect that to happen now, especially since both teams had their share of wins in those five games (Sarmiento two, Atletico three).

Sarmiento and Atletico Tucuman to Draw at Half Time

Since we expect this game to end in a draw, we also expect the teams to be tied at half time. After all, that is the most common result at half time for matches that end without a winner.

That being said, we only saw these two teams draw at half time once in their last five h2h duels, but we have a feeling that now is the time for that to happen once again.

Both Teams to Score – Yes

Both teams have scored in three of the last five meetings between Sarmiento and Atletico Tucuman, so we expect to see that happening again in their upcoming match.

Furthermore, both teams scored in 69% of all games played by Atletico Tucuman last season in Copa de Liga Profesional, while the same thing happened in 54% of all Sarmiento matches in the same competition.

Sarmiento vs Atletico Tucuman preview: A very close matchup


Luckily for Sarmiento, relegation was suspended last season in Argentina, otherwise they wouldn’t be playing in the top flight again. However, that means that the team will have to do much better this season to avoid relegation after they finished the last season in the 25th spot in aggregate standings in a league of 26 teams.

Atletico Tucuman

The team from San Miguel de Tucuman ended last season in the 22nd place in the aggregate standings, so it’s safe to say that they didn’t do great in the league last year. Atletico Tucuman was seventh in their group in Copa de Liga Profesional and then they finished Liga Profesional in the 25th place, only ahead of Arsenal.

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Frequent questions for Sarmiento vs Atletico Tucuman

Sarmiento vs Atletico Tucuman Prediction

  • Who will host the game? Sarmiento will host the game at Estadio Eva Peron in Junin.
  • When will the game start? The game will start at 10:15 pm GMT on Thursday, February 10th.
  • What was the score in the last duel between these two teams? The last duel between these teams ended in a 3-0 Sarmiento win.

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