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Olimpia vs Cesar Vallejo prediction, odds and free tips 17/02/2022

The second leg of the Olimpia vs Cesar Vallejo duel in the first round of Copa Libertadores qualifiers could be an interesting one, so let’s take a closer look at the game and what we can expect from it.

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Olimpia to Win at Half Time and Full Time

Although the difference after the first leg between Olimpia and Cesar Vallejo is just one goal, the home team is the clear favourite to get into the next round since they managed to get a win in an away game.

On top of that, Olimpia is simply the better team, which they proved in the first leg by taking the lead in the first half and keeping it until the end. That’s exactly what we expect to happen in the second leg too.

Olimpia to Win to Nil

Cesar Vallejo failed to score in the first leg at home, so it would be a big surprise if we saw them score in the second leg. Of course, in addition to Olimpia not conceding, we expect them to score some goals, so our next prediction is for Olimpia to win to nil.

To make this prediction even stronger, Cesar Vallejo failed to score in the first two rounds of their domestic championship as well, so unless they can suddenly find their offensive mojo, they aren’t very likely to score a goal.

Under 2.5 Total Goals

Since we don’t see Cesar Vallejo scoring in this game and since we only saw one game in the first game between these two teams, under 2.5 total goals sounds like a good bet.

After all, we already said that Cesar Vallejo failed to score in their first to games in the Peruvian league as well, but they also kept a clean sheet, so it’s obvious that they are one of those teams that plays tough, low-scoring games.

Olimpia vs Cesar Vallejo preview: An easy job for Olimpia?


After getting to the Copa Libertadores quarter-finals last season, Olimpia is starting from the first round of qualifications this year since they had a poor showing in Paraguayan Clausura where they were eighth. The team did finish second in Apertura, but Olimpia was in the end fourth in aggregate standings. The team from Asuncion managed to get the 1-0 win in the first leg against Cesar Vallejo.

Cesar Vallejo

The team based in Trujillo is back in continental competitions after a while and they will try to make the most of this opportunity. The team was second in their group in Fase 1 of the Peruvian league, while they were just eighth in Fase 2 of the same competition. Overall, Cesar Vallejo was fourth in the aggregate standings and they barely edged out Melgar in the race for a spot in Copa Libertadores qualifications. However, they lost to Olimpia at home in the first leg, so they are in a tough spot right now.

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The most common questions for Olimpia vs Cesar Vallejo

Olimpia vs Cesar Vallejo Prediction

  • Who won the first leg? Olimpia won the first leg against 1-0.
  • Which team is the host in the second leg? Olimpia is the host at Estadio Manuel Ferreira in Asuncion.
  • When will the match be played? The match will be played at 12:30 am GMT on Thursday, February 17th.

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