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Deportivo Lara vs Bolivar prediction, odds and free tips 09/02/2022

The second game to be played in the first round of Copa Libertadores qualifiers is Deportivo Lara vs Bolivar duel, so check our detailed preview of the match to learn more about it and get some free betting tips.

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Deportivo Lara and Bolivar to Draw

These two teams never met before and it’s hard to determine who is the better team, which is why the odds on this match are so high. While we expect Bolivar to eliminate Deportivo Lara in two games, we can see this match ending in a draw.

That being said, Deportivo Lara did not have any competitive matches to prepare for this duel since Venezuelan league did not start yet, while Bolivar did play at least one game in the Bolivian league so far and it was an impressive 7-0 victory over Blooming. Still, Deportivo will have the home court advantage and a draw sounds like a reasonable outcome.

Deportivo Lara and Bolivar to Draw at Half Time

Since we expect this game to end without a winner, we also expect the teams to be tied at half time, which is the case in many matches that end in draws.

Other than that and our gut feeling, we don’t have much to go by since the teams haven’t really played any games yet this season and this will be their first h2h duel.

Under 2.5 Total Goals

As we already mentioned, we expect a close and tough duel between Deportivo Lara and Bolivar, so we don’t expect to see many goals being scored.

After all, Deportivo Lara averaged fewer than two goals per game in the final stage of Venezuelan league last season. However, Bolivar averaged around there goals per game in Bolivian league, but we expect the home team to dictate the tempo.

Deportivo Lara vs Bolivar preview: Can Deportivo Lara surprise us all?

Deportivo Lara

The team from Cabudare in Lara State already played in group stages of Copa Libertadores before despite being founded as recently as 2013, so Deportivo Lara clearly doesn’t lack ambition. After being second in their group in the first stage of Venezuelan league, the team finished fourth in the Fase Final A group to secure a spot in the first stage of Copa Libertadores qualifications.


After failing to reach the group stages of Copa Libertadores last season after being eliminated by Junior in the third round of qualifications, the team from La Paz will try again this year, hoping to overcome not just that final hurdle, but the two before them. Bolivar ended the season in Bolivian league in fourth place.

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The most common questions for Deportivo Lara vs Bolivar

Deportivo Lara vs Bolivar Prediction

  • What are the odds on this match? The odds on Deportivo Lara are 27/20 (2.35), on Bolivar 37/20 (2.85), and on a draw 21/10 (3.10).
  • Where will the game be played? The game will be played at Estadio Metropolitano de Futbol de Lara in Barquisimeto.
  • When will the game begin? The game will begin at 10:15 pm GMT on Wednesday, February 9th.

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