Leicester City vs Liverpool Predictions: Odds & Betting Tips

When you have the 3rd and the 4th team in the EPL table playing against one another, this is an excellent opportunity to watch some quality football. As you know, we aren’t here just to watch the pros play the game, we also like betting on it.

This is why our experts have come up with the best 3 football tips on the Leicester v Liverpool match on 13/02/2021. Let’s dive in and see what gives us the best value.

The English Premier League: Leicester v Liverpool top betting predictions

The table below will give you condensed information on what we think are the three most viable bets for that match (odds provided by William Hill):

Leicester vs Liverpool prediction Selection and odds Bookmaker Bet here
Full-Time Result Draw @ 13/5 William Hill Add to betslip
Half Time Result / Total Goals Leicester and Under 1.5 @ 9/2 William Hill Add to betslip
Correct Score 1-1  @ 13/2 OR 2-2 @ 12/1 William Hill Add to betslip

What is Leicester’s and Liverpool’s current form so far?

Source: fctables

Both teams find themselves lower in the table compared to where they were around New Year’s. They are definitely not out of the title race just yet but they are not 100% secured in the top 4 either. In fact, many people would suggest that remaining in the top 4 will be just as great of a challenge as overcoming the deficit to win the title.

Why are Liverpool 10 points behind Man City?

The story of the last 5 games for Liverpool has been the scoring woes. The team has struggled to put the ball in the net and this is very obvious by the fact that in 2 of their last 5 games they have failed to score a goal. Needless to say, both games were losses.

What makes matters worse is that the two scoreless losses we mentioned came against Burnley and Brighton – two bottom-six teams.

Leicester fares pretty well in the Premier League in 2021

Every year since Leicester won the English Premier League people predict that this will be the downfall of that organization. And yet, they keep being a force to be reckoned with. This season is no different. Teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham again find themselves trailing to Leicester.

Still, the last 5 games haven’t been the best for The Foxes although they are just 2 points behind Manchester United and the 2nd spot. The team has failed to score only once in the last 5 matches and they have allowed 4 goals. It looks like Wes Morgan will be missed against Liverpool as this will make the defence prone to allowing at least 1 goal.

Our free football tips on the Leicester v Liverpool clash

  1. Full-Time Result – Draw @ 13/5
  2. Half Time Result / Total Goals – Leicester and Under 1.5 @ 9/2
  3. Correct Score – 1-1 @ 13/2 OR 2-2 @ 12/1

Leicester v Liverpool: Full-Time Result – Draw @ 13/5

Everything points to a game in which both teams will try NOT to lose. This doesn’t mean we won’t see attacking football. But the key missing players for both teams are on the defensive side (Wes Morgan for Leicester and van Dijk/Matip for Liverpool)

So we do expect to maybe see goals but the most logical outcome here is the draw and the odds give us excellent value. Liverpool has only won or drawn during their last 5 games while Leicester has had two draws, 2 victories, and a loss.

We know that Liverpool will come out trying to win this match, but they are the away team after all. Leicester should defend their home fort fiercely and this is why our experts predict a draw.

Leicester v Liverpool: Half Time Result / Total Goals – Leicester and Under 1.5 @ 9/2

Leicester did not score in their last game but in the 4 games before that, they scored 5 goals in the first half. Being the home team here, we see them attacking that decimated Liverpool defence from the get-go.

Leicester v Liverpool: Correct Score – 1-1 @ 13/2 OR 2-2 @ 12/1

Even if Leicester manages to get ahead in the first half, they tend to allow some goals in the 2nd half. This is exactly the time for Liverpool to shine as it is part of their culture to not let up. Furthermore, Leicester’s defence not being at a 100% will perhaps tire out and maybe allow a goal or two in the second half. Obviously, this bet is not easy to get right but this is why you get such odds.