Seraing vs Antwerp Prediction, Odds & Free Tips 11/02/2022 

Seraing will be facing Antwerp on the 11th of February and today, we will check out the top free tips and predictions for the game. If you want to see more First Division A odds, you can head over to our website.  

Top Odds and Free Tips for Seraing vs Antwerp 

After reviewing the fixture and all of the stats, we came up with the following free betting tups and predictions for the Friday match.  

All odds here are from Ladbrokes and are subject to change. Make sure to double-check them before continuing.  


Both Teams to Score – No 

Plenty of matches involving Seraing or Antwerp ended without both teams scoring goals. That includes three of the last five fixtures each of the teams played regardless of the tournament. Also, two of the last three head-to-head fixtures between Antwerp and Seraing ended the same way. That’s why we expect Friday’s match to also end with a clean sheet. 

Match Result – Antwerp to Win 

Antwerp’s recent form is much better than their opponents and their position in the table shows that. Seraing is 17th with barely twenty-three points, while Antwerp is second with fifty points, for now. Besides that, Antwerp beat Seraing in three of the last five head-to-head fixtures they played. We are almost sure that the match will end in favor of Antwerp and they would be one step closer to the first place.  

Total Goals – Under 2.5 Goals 

Two of the last three matches between Antwerp and Seraing ended with fewer than 2.5 total goals scored, so we think that there is a high chance the match on Friday will also end that way. Other supporting facts are that two of the last three games for Seraing and four of the last five fixtures for Antwerp ended similarly. 

Recent Team News & Fixture Preview for Seraing vs Antwerp


Seraing won’t be playing with a full squad because three of their players are injured. Molla Wague is injured since the end of January, Sambu Mansoni is also out since earlier in January, and Ali Sanogo has a knee injury. It’s highly doubtful that Seraing would win especially since their recent form and position in the table shows that Antwerp dominates them right now.


Antwerp has even more injuries on their squad, but they don’t seem to lose their good form despite this. We don’t think beating Seraing would be a problem at the end of this week even if they have a few missing players. The injured players are Bruny Nsimba, Viktor Fischer, Sander Coopman, and Buta.

Seraing vs Antwerp Statistics and H2H Data 

In these tables, you can check out the top free tips and statistics for the upcoming Searing vs Antwerp fixture at the end of this week. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Seraing vs Antwerp 

Seraing vs Antwerp Prediction

  • What time is the game going to begin? – The fixture will begin at exactly 20:45 on the 11th of February, 2022. 
  • Where is the match going to be played? – The fixture will be played at Stade du Pairay in Seraing.
  • Which bookmaker do you recommend for this match? – We recommend Ladbrokes because they have the best odds for this fixture.  

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