NEC vs RKC Prediction, Odds & Free Tips 19/02/2022 

NEC will be facing RKC on Saturday, and here, you can check out the latest predictions, free tips, and odds for the match. If you want to see more Eredivisie betting tips, you are welcome to check out our website. 

NEC vs RKC: Top Odds, Predictions & Tips 

These are the top predictions and free tips for the upcoming NEC vs RKC match this weekend.  

All odds are from Ladbrokes and are subject to change, if you want to place these wagers, double-check the odds from your bet slip. 


Both Teams to Score – Yes  

Three of the last five games for NEC and RKC ended the same way with both teams scoring goals. Likely, their upcoming game this weekend will also end similarly, considering that three of the last five head-to-head games between the two clubs also ended with goals from both sides.  

Match Result – NEC to Win 

Four of the last five matches for NEC ended with either win or draws. The same can’t be said about RKC, which had only two wins in the last five matches they played. Also, three of the last five head-to-head matches between these two teams ended in favor of NEC. Likely, on Saturday the game will also end in NEC’s favor. 

Total Goals – Over 2.5 Goals 

Four of the last five matches for RKC ended with fewer than 2.5 total goals scored. Also, seven of the last ten head-to-head games between NEC and RKC ended the same way. We suspect that there is a high chance the Saturday game will also end with over 2.5 total goals scored. Three of the last five games for NEC also ended that way. 

NEC vs RKC: Match Preview & Latest Team News  


There are a couple of injuries on RKC’s side. Sebbe Augustijns, Joel Pereira, and David Min won’t play this weekend because of injuries they suffered last year. There are no suspended players for RKC, so at least they have that going for them. We don’t think they have a chance to win the match, but they may at least score a goal or two. 


The favorites in this fixture – NEC – have a total of four injured players that won’t make it to this weekend’s game. Each of them hasn’t played since a different time last year and we don’t know when they will be back. The injured footballers are Mathias de Wolf, Pedro Ruiz, Joep van der Sluijs, and Rens van Eijden. 

NEC vs RKC: Most Recent Match Histories & Odds 

The tables below contain the most recent match histories & odds for the NEC vs RKC fixture.  

NEC vs RKC: Essential FAQs for the Weekend Fixture 

  • When is the fixture going to begin? – The match will start at exactly 16:30 on Saturday. 
  • Which stadium is the match going to be at? – NEC will host the fixture at Goffertstadion in Nijmegen. 
  • Where can I find the best odds for this match? – You can check out Ladbrokes’ platform for the best odds for this game.  

 NEC vs RKC Prediction

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