Euro 2021 betting tips: Best Odds & Predictions

The latest Euro 2021 betting tips available right now, along with odds from the most competitive bookmakers in the UK!

Euro 2021 betting tips – our main predictions

The Euro Championships are fast approaching, and the betting markets are already going wild ahead of this major event. On that note, we’ve constructed a list of our top Euro 2021 betting tips right here.

  • Outright winner (1): France @3/1
  • Outright winner (2): England @4/1
  • Top scorer: Kylian Mbappe @5/1

Given that the tournament is still a few months away, the odds shown in the table above will most likely change in the run up to the event. With that said, the odds listed are 100% accurate at the time of writing!

Outright winner – France

Given that France managed to win the World Cup in 2018, we feel they are the team that has the best players and also the most confidence going into this one. That’s why these guys are one of our top Euro 2020 betting tips!

Outright winner – England

Not only did England manage to make the Semi-Final of the World Cup, but they have a young and fearless team. They also seem to be playing very well together as a unit, which could prove decisive in a tournament like this one.

Top scorer – Kylian Mbappe

While the Euro Championships is going to be full of superstars, there aren’t many better than Kylian Mbappe right now. His league form has been awesome, and his recent Champions League performances have been nothing shy of epic. For that reason, we definitely feel he is a hot contender to be the top goalscorer when all is said and done.

Outright betting for the Euro Championships explained

Since the schedule and betting odds for the Euro Championships are yet to be confirmed, we can only forecast the outright markets right now. With that said, the outright markets are always some of the more exciting ones to wager on, as they help to maintain your interest throughout the event – largely thanks to the fact that outright markets are not concluded until the final ball has been kicked. And while we’ve given our main Euro 2020 betting tips above, there are others to think about for these markets, as shown below.

Tournament winner

As shown above, we’ve come up with two different outright winner bets ahead of this tournament. We feel that both France and England have a great chance of lifting the trophy, but if you want to go for some riskier outcomes, the odds naturally get much larger. Right now, you could go for teams like Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, or even Spain if you wanted to speculate a little bit. Of course, each of these teams has its own superstars, and you just never know whether these guys could carry their respective nations through.

Top goalscorer

Although we firmly believe that Kylian Mbappe has the best shot at scoring the most goals, he does have formidable competition. Guys like Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lewandowski all have the ability to score plenty of goals when they hit their stride, even if they don’t have the same quality of teammates that Mbappe has to set-up scoring chances. With that said, if you did want to back any of these players, the odds are fairly competitive!

Alternative wagers you can make for this event

The outright markets are sure to be highly competitive for this tournament, but there are plenty of other bets you can make for the Euros. In fact, besides the Euro 2020 betting tips we’ve given above, you could choose to back markets such as the most clean sheets, what stage a team might reach, and of course, you can bet on the outcomes for all of the individual games that will take place. In our opinion, by blending your wagers between outrights and individual markets, you will get the most enjoyment out of wagering on the tournament.

Lastly, if you really wanted to push the boat out, you could combine multiple markets into one, and therefore place an accumulator bet. This is usually done by combining the outcomes for individual games, but they can be placed with outrights too. It’s up to you which one you do!

Best online bookmakers for wagering on the Euros

Just about every bookmaker in the land will be covering the Euro 2021 Championships. But with that said, how do you know which is the best bookmaker to choose? After all, each bookmaker has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s where we’d like to help you out – as we’ve chosen the bookmakers with the best bonuses, the most competitive odds, and the most features such as cashouts, and presented them for you right here:

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Euro 2021 betting tips – FAQs

Can I already place wagers on these markets?

Yes! Although the tournament won’t be starting until the Summer, many betting sites have already published odds ahead of the tournament, especially for the outright markets.

When is the tournament due to start?

The tournament is scheduled to begin in June, providing that everything continues according to plan. June 11th is when the first group match will be played, and of course, the remaining games will be played through the following weeks.

Will these online betting sites be handing out bonuses throughout the tournament?

Absolutely. The Euro Championships is one of the largest sporting events in the world, which is why the top online bookmakers tend to incentivize punters to make some wagers by dishing out a ton of bonuses!

Can I cash out both individual and outright bets?

Yes – as long as you make your wager with a bookmaker that supports such a feature, which all of our recommended betting sites do.