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Europa League
Arsenal vs Olympiakos
Over 2.5 Goals @ 13/20 (1.65)
Europa League
Young Boys vs Ajax
Ajax to win & BTTS @ 9/4 (3.25)
Europa League
AC Milan vs Man Utd
Rangers vs Slavia Prague
Man Utd & Rangers to win @ 49/10 (5.9)

What does BTTS mean?

Both teams to score betting is one of the most popular football betting markets there is. Despite that most punters blindly head to a their bookie of choice and blindly pick away based on their gut feel. That is not a strategy to help you win any bet on a consistent basis. So, how do you? Read on for our both team to score tips.

Before we look at how to make BTTS predictions, you need to understand what it actually means. Now, you’ve probably made the connection already based on our opening paragraph but, for those of you that haven’t, BTTS simply means ‘both teams to score’. You’ll find bookmakers refer to it in both the full and abbreviated form; regardless of the version they use it’s the exact same thing. That means you place the bet the same way, get the same odds and the metrics for what make a winning bet are also the same.

How do you win a BTTS bet?

It’s all well and good seeing BTTS tips and taking them as gospel but you shouldn’t rush into placing bets you don’t understand. Thankfully, explaining how the BTTS bet works is simple. When assessing a football match you’ll find there are two options for both teams to score; these are ‘yes’ and ‘no. If you bet ‘yes’, you’re saying ‘I think both teams will score in the match’. The other option is to bet ‘no; this means you’re saying ‘I do not think both teams will score’. The outcome of the match defines whether your bet wins or not – there is no requirement around what players score the goals, when goals are scored or how they are scored. The only factor that matters is whether or not both teams score.

The odds associated to each possible outcome are generally pretty tightly aligned with no major swings in either direction such is the nature of the bet. That said, the chances of a game serving up goals for both sides does vary and therefore different games will have different odds attached to them.

Why are BTTS tips so in demand?

There was a time when looking for both teams to score tips was almost unimaginable; it was all about betting on the match result. That is not the case now. Why though is BTTS such a popular betting market?

You can win early

Yeah, the first reason bettors go sniffing our BTTS tips is because the bets can be settled very early, which is a notable difference from the match result bets that need full time to come around. Of course, this only applies to bets where you back the ‘yes’ option. If both teams get on the scoresheet within the opening 10 minutes of a game then your bet will be settled pretty soon after.

Cash out values tend to be stronger

With online betting the ability to ‘cash out’ of bets has been somewhat of a gamechanger for both bookies and punters alike; it’s a great concept that allows you to make decisions based on how your bet is progressing. Unfortunately, it’s often found that cash out amounts are pretty poor. This is particularly true with match result bets when, for example, a team goes 3-0 to the good and you’ve backed the trailing side. They’re rarely going to comeback to win. With the BTTS bet, they don’t need to – they just need a goal.

You’re not emotionally invested the same way

When you’re placing bets focussed on what teams will win and what players will score it’s really easy to start letting your heart rule your head. This is especially true when betting on a competition where ‘your team’ also play because every result will have some form of knock on to your team. With BTTS betting that doesn’t happen.

You can combine multiple selections for bigger potential returns

Any bookie worth your time will offer the BTTS market and you’ll be able to combine multiple selections for both teams to score accumulator bets. Yes, you can place accas on a range of markets but because of the fact the result is irrelevant your odds aren’t impacted so heavily by really short odds and coupon busters are less prevalent.

How to nail your BTTS predictions?

best football betting strategies

Whether you’re going it alone or trying to validate the BTTS tips offered out from others, you need to understand the information you should be checking before blindly placing your bets.

Review teams not fixtures

We cannot stress this advice enough. If you’ve decided that you want to dabble in BTTS betting then start conducting research at a higher level than simply looking at fixtures. What does this mean? Well, use the data available from last season to assess how many games teams took part in where both teams scored and where both teams didn’t score. You should also look to tailor that analysis by home and away fixtures because the performances of teams does vary significantly. Repeat this for more recent form, for example, the last six matches.

Once you have compiled the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ numbers you can convert them into percentages by dividing the number of ‘yes’ by the total games analysed. Rank the teams into a league table format. Now you can start to look at fixtures. What you’re after is matches where both teams rank in a similar fashion on the ‘league table’ you’ve created e.g.two teams who both have a high percentage of ‘yes’.

Bet as close to kick off as possible

You’ll find both teams to score tips posted around online several days before matches take place. This doesn’t mean they’re a nonsense but the closer to kick off you can place your bets, the more information you’ll have to hand to judge the ‘value’ of the bet your placing. The key thing you’re looking at is team sheets. Simply put, if a team names a starting XI with their star player not listed then their chances of hitting the net might change – Tottenham and Harry Kane are a good example of this.

There you have it our overview of the BTTS bet. Before we let you crack on, just remember that everything we’ve spoken through here is centred on a consistent approach rather than a method of betting that promises profit each and every time you bet.

Best BBTS Bookmakers

Basically, all serious bookies in the UK offer this market. But among the hundreds of UKGC licensed sites, we do recommend the big ones to get the best odds: William Hill, Bet365, Smarkets Exchange for instance.

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