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Braves vs Dodgers predictions: Check out the latest info here

Let’s check out the latest Braves vs Dodgers odds, betting picks, and predictions.

Braves vs Dodgers Free Wagering Picks & Odds

Since it’s still early to and regular betting markets on any of the Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgers games, we will list some outright betting markets, which are very popular right now, you can check out the top odds and the bookmaker you can find them on, too.

Braves vs Dodgers Predictions

Selection & Odds


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World Series 2021 Winner

La Dodgers @ +350


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NL East Winner 2021

Atlanta Braves @ +140


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NL West Winner 2021

LA Dodgers @ -250


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National League Winner 2021

LA Dodgers @ +180


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Remember, that the odds listed in the table were correct at the time of writing, but we can’t control the change of the odds. Before you place the bet check out the latest prices posted on the bookmaker platform to see if they changed.

Latest Braves vs Dodgers News

Both the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers are competing in the National League but in different divisions. Both teams have faced each other in more than two thousand games since they were created and their most recent games were in October 2020 during the NL League Championship Series. Then, the Dodgers won four of the seven games played.

The next games scheduled to be played between the Dodgers and the Braves are scheduled to be held on the fifth and sixth of June 2021 in Atlanta’s Truist Park. The Braves would be the home team then, but at the end of August and the first two days in September, it would be the Dodgers’ turn to host on Dodger Stadium.

Since the Dodgers are expected to win the NL League and even the World Series, it’s not tough to predict how the games in June and August/September would go.

Top Braves vs Dodgers Betting Picks and Predictions

braves vs dodgers predictions

There are various ways you can bet on either the Atlanta Braves or the Los Angeles Dodgers. Below, you can check out the most popular MLB betting picks and our predictions on future games.


Futures are very popular betting markets, which allow you to bet on the competition itself (not the individual games) a month before the actual event is decided. There is a specific time before the market is closed and you wouldn’t be able to bet on it, and the earlier you place the wager, the better the price.

There are different types of MLB Futures related to division betting, World Series betting, player or team futures, props, etc. Below, we will list the most popular MLB outright betting markets:

  • World Series Winner
  • American League Winner
  • National League Winner
  • AL MVP
  • NL MVP
  • AL & NL Cy Young
  • AL & NL Rookie of the Year
  • Division Winner
  • Most Home Runs During the Season

Different bookmakers have different betting market options, so you need to browse and see what types of outright markets are available at the various bookmaker platforms.


Moneyline bets are straightforward and they are available for every MLB game. You have to predict which team would win the game – the favorite or the underdog. The odds of the favorite are usually labeled with a minus sign, while the underdog has the plus sign. Moneyline bets can be found around the time the game is set to be played, unlike futures, which are available months before the actual event.


Baseball point spreads are also called “Run Line” or “Handicaps.” To win the bet if you wagered on the favorite, they have to win by a certain number of runs. If the favorite loses or wins but by not enough runs to cover the spread, you lose the wager. If you bet on the underdog, you will win the bet if they win the game, or the favorite doesn’t cover the spread.


Totals are usually bets, where you bet on the score of the specific MLB game, which means that you will be betting on whether the total number of runs in the game would be over or under a certain number specified by the bookmaker. Some bookmakers, like DraftKings, provide various “Totals” betting markets, like the total runs by both teams in the game, in our case the additional markets would be:

  • Total Runs by Atlanta Braves
  • Total Runs by Los Angeles Dodgers

Other Available Betting Markets

Some bookmakers, like DraftKings, FanDuel, or BetMGM provide an array of other available betting markets you can choose from for each MLB game. Those markets include game props, such as:

  • The first team to score
  • Moneyline + Total Runs Double
  • To Score First and Win
  • Will both teams score more than a certain number of runs?
  • Which team will score the 2nd run?
  • Winning margin
  • Will there be extra innings?

There are also other types of wagers related to the specific innings or game lines.

Questions and Answers Regarding the Braves vs Dodgers

Which bookies do you recommend for Braves vs Dodgers match betting?

There are a couple of bookmakers, which are available across multiple states and are very popular:

How can I watch live streams of the Braves vs Dodgers MLB games?

You can either subscribe to a sports streaming service, which broadcasts the MLB, or you can try using the live streaming feature that some bookmaker platforms have.

Is it allowed to bet on the Braves or Dodgers using site credits?

If you have site credits available, and they aren’t restricted for a specific sport or event, you can use them to bet on any MLB games.

Will there be any promotions related to the Braves vs Dodgers games?

You will have to check at the specific bookie platform to see if there are any bonuses you can use on these games. The most popular bonuses offered for regular-season MLB games are either free bets or odds boosts.