Belmont Derby Invitational prediction: Best bets for the big race 07/10/2021

If you love horse racing, whether watching it, betting on it, or anything else – you have to know about the Belmont Derby Invitational. This race was first introduced into the North American racing calendar in 2019, at least as part of the ‘Turf Trinity’, but it’s actually been run ever since the beginning of the 20th Century. And while it might not be as popular as the more notable Triple Crown races, it’s still a big one. In fact, the prize purse for this race is still a rather large $1 million, so as you’d expect, it attracts some pretty competitive and high-profile horses. You’ll also see some of the highest paid jockeys.

Given that the race is once again scheduled to take place on July 10th, which is just a few weeks away at the time of writing, we’d like to give you our Belmont Derby Invitational prediction. After all, if you’re planning on wagering on the event, it helps to have a bit of inside knowledge!

belmont derby invitational prediction

Our main predictions for the event

At the time of writing, the exact field for this race has not been published. Therefore, we can only make our Belmont Derby Invitational prediction based on the likely horses that will be competing, and how these horses fair up with their trainers, previous results, and so on. With that said, there are two predictions we would like to give:

Hard Love to win

Out of all the horses that will potentially be competing in this year’s race, Hard Love is one of the most probable. Not only is this horse regularly competing right now, showing that the horse is fit and healthy, but it’s also a horse that is in great form to participate in such a large event. Out of the last 4 races, Hard Love has taken victory in 3 of them, but that’s not the only reason that Hard Love is one number one Belmont Derby Invitational prediction. When you look through the list of other horses that may also be running, Hard Love is trained by Jonathan Thomas, which is the only trainer that has already managed to win this event – something which he managed to do in 2018 with Catholic Boy. Not only does this show that Hard Love has a trainer that understands how to sneak a win in this race in his corner, but it shows that the horse is hitting form at the right time.

Of course, the odds have not yet been released for the Belmont Derby Invitational, but we have a feeling that the top sites will give rather favourable prices for this horse.

Hard love to place

If you don’t want to play things too extreme and shoot for a Hard Love win, you could always shoot for a ‘to place’ bet. Naturally, in such large horse races, it can be difficult to predict which horse will ultimately cross the line in prime position. This is where alternatives such as ‘to place’ and even ‘each way’ bets come in handy, as they provide a bit of a wider net when searching for a win in horse racing betting. With that said, it’s important to note that these predictions are not guaranteed to pull through, and anything could happen on the day.

But before we wrap up the predictions, just know that we’ve come up with these two assumptions after looking at the likely field, the recent performances, and even the trainers that have been successful in this one over the years. We feel that by sourcing such information, we have been able to come up with the most likely outcomes for the race, and as time goes by – we are sure that the odds will be published and begin looking quite enticing ahead of this one!

Final thoughts

Just to stress once again, the exact field for the Belmont Derby Invitational hasn’t been published yet – but this should be made available over the coming weeks. So on that note, we would encourage you to watch this space closely, and if you liked either of the predictions we have come up with, make sure you back them when you get the chance.

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