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Nets vs Celtics prediction – Game 5 (06/01/2021)

Brooklyn Nets have a chance to end the series against Boston Celtics in front of their fans if they get a win in Game 5. If you want to know more about the upcoming duel, check our detailed Nets vs Celtics preview and our favorite betting tips for this game:

Top Free Betting Picks and Tips for Nets vs Celtics

The main favorites in the East are close to reaching the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference, but they need to beat the Celtics one more time. Check our Nets vs Celtics prediction and betting picks if you want to find the best bet and the best odds:

  • Brooklyn Nets Total Points: Over 123.5 @ -120 – William Hill
  • James Harden Total Assists: Over 10.5 @ -105 – FanDuel
  • Jason Tatum Total Points: Over 33.5 @ -115 – BetMGM

Odds are subject to change at any time, so always check them with your bookie before placing a bet.

Nets vs Celtics Prediction

Brooklyn Nets Over 123.5 Total Points

The Nets have gone over this line twice in the previous four games and if they want to win Game 5 to get into the Eastern Conference semi-finals, they will most likely have to get over it again. This shouldn’t be too hard for Brooklyn since they have a lot of offensive weapons at their disposal, even outside of their main trio of Durant, Irving, and Harden.

Meanwhile, the Celtics are without Jaylen Brown and maybe Robert Williams III, which limits their ability to play hard defense the entire game. Their rotation could also be further shortened if Kemba Walker doesn’t get cleared to play, but even if he does, the Celtics just don’t have enough good defenders to limit the offensive impact of Brooklyn’s Big 3. So, our first Nets vs Celtics prediction is for the Nets to score more than 123.5 total points.

James Harden Over 10.5 Total Assists

Even though all three of the Nets’ superstars have the ability to create for themselves and score points in many different ways, James Harden seems to be their focal offensive weapon since he has been the main facilitator for the team ever since he arrived from Houston. With that in mind, our next Nets vs Celtics prediction is focused on James Harden and his ability to create points for his teammates.

In the previous four games of the series, James Harden averaged 10.8 assists per game. So, the bookies have set the lines pretty much at that average. Regardless of this, we expect Harden to get at least 11 assists in this game since he seems more focused on distributing the ball than he is at scoring.

Jason Tatum Over 33.5 Total Points

The Celtics have been relying on Jason Tatum more than ever, especially since Jaylen Brown got injured. The young superstar was able to rise to this challenge, but there have still been some games where he failed to provide as much scoring as he needs to keep the Celtics competitive.

That being said, Jason Tatum did score 90 points in the last two games in the series. However, his average in the entire series is still at 30.3 points since he struggled in the first two games against the Nets. That could’ve had something to do with playing the first two games in Brooklyn, so we could see him revert back to the poor shooting comparable to those first two games. But we don’t expect this to happen and we think that he has found his rhythm, so our final Nets vs Celtics prediction is Jason Tatum to score more than 33.5 points.

Nets vs Celtics preview – Can the Celtics stay in the series?

Game 5 of the Nets vs Celtics series could also be the last one if the Nets justify their role as favorites and win the game. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at both teams and what we can expect from this game:

Brooklyn Nets

Many experts saw the Nets as the main favorites to win the NBA title this season after they’ve acquired James Harden in a trade with Houston Rockets. And while the Big 3 have only played a handful of games together in the regular season, they have been healthily and ready to rumble since the playoffs have started. Hopefully, that will remain the case for the entire postseason and we will see just how good the Nets are.

The Nets have won three games against the Celtics without much struggle. losing one game in the process. So, there’s no reason to expect something different in Game 5 and our Nets vs Celtics prediction is that the Nets will secure a place in the Eastern Conference semi-finals tonight. The team is also mostly healthy, outside of Spencer Dinwiddie who is out for the season. Alize Johnson and Jeff Green are also out for Game 5, but they should be back in the squad sooner rather than later.

Boston Celtics

As most of us expected, Boston Celtics have struggled in the first four games against the Nets. The team that had to play in the play-in game to make it to the playoffs was not in the best form at the end of the season and the injury to one of their main stars certainly affected their confidence and ability to put up a fight against the mighty trio from Brooklyn.

That being said, the Celtics did manage to win one game in the series, which many would consider as a surprise. The team has mostly relied on Jason Tatum to provide points and he managed to deliver what was expected in the previous two games of the series, scoring 40 and 50 points in those two games. Still, the Celtics can hardly compete with the Nets without Jaylen Brown and, to make matters even worse, Robert Williams III and Kemba Walker may also miss Game 5. Their status will be decided prior to the tipoff.

Frequently asked questions for Nets vs Celtics

Where Can I Watch Game 5 of the Nets vs Celtics Series?

The Nets vs Celtics game will be broadcast on TNT, but you can also watch it on local TV stations like WPIX and NBC Sports Boston.

When Will the Nets vs Celtics Game 5 Begin?

The Nets vs Celtics game will begin at 7:30 PM ET on Tuesday, June 1st.

Where Will the Nets vs Celtics Game 5 Be Played?

Game 5 of the Nets vs Celtics series will be played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

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