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Knicks vs Hawks prediction – Game 5 (06/02/2021)

After two games in Atlanta, the Knicks vs Hawks series is coming back to Madison Square Garden for Game 5. Will this be the last game of the series or can the Knicks stay alive longer? You can learn more about this game from our in-depth preview, accompanied by some of our top Knicks vs Hawks predictions and picks.

Our Top Betting Picks and Free Tips for Knicks vs Hawks

Despite having the home-court advantage as the fourth seed, New York Knicks are down 3-1 to Atlanta Hawks right now. But the series are not over yet, so check some of our favorite Knicks vs Hawks predictions and learn more about the lines and odds for Game 5 of this series.

  • Moneyline: Atlanta Hawks to Win @ +102 – DraftKings
  • Bogdan Bogdanovic Total Points: Over 16.5 @ -115 – BetMGM
  • Derrick Rose Total Points: Over 19.5 @ -116 – FanDuel

Odds are subject to change at any time, so always check them with your bookie before placing a bet.

Knicks vs Hawks Prediction

Atlanta Hawks to Win

Fans from New York probably hoped for a different result after the first four games in the Knicks vs Hawks series, but the fact is that the Hawks only need to win one more game to advance to the Eastern Conference semi-finals. Game 5 is their first opportunity to do so and we expect them to take it. So, our first Knicks vs Hawks prediction is for the Hawks to win Game 5 in Madison Square Garden.

We have seen all of the games in these series and it’s clear that Atlanta has more talent at the moment. They are much better offensively, their defense is good enough and all of their players are contributing to the success, led by incredible Trae Young. Meanwhile, the Knicks are struggling on offense, especially the winner of the Most Improved Player award this season, Julius Randle. The Knicks can’t hope for a positive result without his contribution.

Bogdan Bogdanovic Over 16.5 Total Points

The Serbian guard has been the X factor for the Hawks after coming back from his injury. He was particularly impressive in April when he averaged almost 22 points per game and finished the month only behind Steph Curry in total threes made. His ability to organize the offense despite being a shooting guard kept Atlanta afloat when Young was injured.

Bogdanovic was also a critical piece of the puzzle in the first four games of the Knicks vs Hawks series despite shooting only around 42% from the field. But he has played great defense in the series and his all-round game led to his impressive +62 plus/minus in the series. For example, the Hawks are -41 when Bogdanovic is on the bench, while they are +31 with Young on the court. All of this illustrates how important he is for the Hawks even though he only averaged 15.8 points so far in the series. We expect to see a good shooting performance from him in Game 5, so our second Knicks vs Hawks prediction is Bogdanovic to score more than 16.5 points.

Derrick Rose Over 19.5 Total Points

With Randle and RJ Barrett struggling on the offensive end of the court, Derrick Rose had to put up a show in each game of the series, just to keep the Knicks competitive. Luckily for the Knicks, Rose was up for the challenge since he and Brooks were responsible for the majority of points that the Knicks scored in the first four games.

Derrick Rose averaged 22.8 points so far in the series and he played huge minutes as well, pushing Elfrid Payton out of the starting lineup in the process. So, we were a bit surprised to see the lines at different bookies at around 20 total points for Rose since it’s obvious that he will be the focal point of the Knicks’ offense going forward. With that in mind, our last Knicks vs Hawks prediction is for Rose to score at least 20 points in Game 5.

Knicks vs Hawks preview – Can the Hawks get to the semi-finals in Madison Square Garden?

After four games in the series, the Hawks are one game away from the Eastern Conference semi-finals. With the series returning to New York, we could see a very exciting Game 5. So, let’s take a closer look at the teams:

New York Knicks

The Knicks surprised everybody when they clinched the fourth seed in the East and secured the playoffs for the first time since 2013. The return of fans to the stands for the playoffs has given the Knicks a huge boost since the atmosphere in Madison Square Garden has been fantastic. However, that was only enough for one win since the Hawks managed to steal the home-court advantage from the Knicks in Game 1 after a game-winning shot by Trae Young.

In addition to Randle and Barrett struggling on the offensive end, the Knicks are also missing Mitchel Robinson due to injury. All the other players are healthy and available, however, so the Knicks can hope to keep the series alive with a bit of help from their fans.

Atlanta Hawks

The young Hawks were another surprising addition to the Eastern Conference playoffs, but they deserved to get to the postseason after a fantastic run in the second half of the regular season. The key for the Hawks was the coaching change since their impressive results came after Nate McMillan took over from Lloyd Pierce. This coincided with Bogdanovic returning from injury and getting more playing time and freedom, which was crucial for the Hawks.

After the first four games in the Knicks vs Hawks series, the Hawks have a 3-1 lead and they’ve proven that they can do well under pressure after snatching a win in New York in front of a very hot crowd. The team is playing without Cam Reddish and Brandon Goodwin, who is out for the season. De’Andre Hunter is also under question for Game 5 due to a knee injury, but the latest reports suggest that he will suit up for the game after all.

Frequently asked questions for Knicks vs Hawks

Who Won the Last Game in the Series?

Atlanta Hawks won the last game in the Knicks vs Hawks series, 113-96.

When Will Game 5 of the Knicks-Hawks Series Be Played?

The game will be played at 7:30 PM ET on Wednesday, June 2nd.

Who Is the Host in Game 5 of the Knicks vs Hawks Series?

The Knicks will be hosting Game 5 of the Knicks vs Hawks series at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

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