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Hawks vs 76ers prediction – Game 3 (06/11/2021)

With the series tied after the first two games in Philadelphia, it seems clear that we are in for some exciting times in the next two games in Atlanta. With that in mind, we have done a detailed preview of Game 3, along with a look at odds, lines and our favorite Hawks vs 76ers predictions.

Our Free Betting Picks for Hawks vs 76ers

The first two games of the Hawks vs 76ers series have been very engaging even for neutral viewers and we expect no less from Game 3. So, we have selected a few of our favorite Hawks vs 76ers predictions and betting picks for the third game in the series:

Odds and lines often change their values, so be sure to check all of them with your bookmaker before you place a bet on this game.

Hawks vs 76ers Prediction

Hawks to Win on Spread

The odds on the winner of this game are practically equal, with the Hawks being the favorites by one point. So, it’s clear that bookies expect a close game, as we do. But we would give a slight advantage to the Hawks since they’ve shown so far that they are not afraid of big moments and that they have enough firepower to shoot the 76ers down. We like the depth of this Hawks team and the 76ers do have certain flaws that can be exploited, like the lack of any shooting ability by Ben Simmons or his poor free-throw percentage. In any case, Atlanta to win Game 3 is one of our top betting picks.

Joel Embiid to Record a Double-Double

Although the dominant center is not averaging a double-double in these playoffs since he averages 8.2 rebounds per game, the main reason for this lies in the fact that he averaged only 28 minutes per game so far. His greater help was not necessary against the Wizards, but the big man has played 38 and 35 minutes in the first two games of the Hawks vs 76ers series. In those two games, he averaged 11 rebounds per game and we expect his minutes to stay high since we expect a close game. So, our next Hawks vs 76ers prediction is for Embiid to record a double-double in Game 3.

Bogdan Bogdanovic Over 3.5 3-Pointers

The Serbian sharpshooter hasn’t been shooting as well from the three-point range in these playoffs as he did in the last couple of months of the regular season. However, Bogdanovic still averages 3.0 three-pointers per game and he will definitely be one of the main offensive weapons that the Hawks will use in Game 3. So, Bogdanovic will have his chance to make at least four 3-pointers, which is our final Hawks vs 76ers prediction for Game 3.

Hawks vs 76ers Game 3 preview – Which team will take the lead in the series?

In many series, Game 3 is crucial since it can shit the momentum from one side to another, especially in tied series like the Hawks vs 76ers. With that in mind, let’s check both teams out in more detail ahead of Game 3:

Atlanta Hawks

After winning Game One of the Hawks vs 76ers series, the young Hawks team was in play in Game 2 until they crumbled in the second half of the game. Despite this, the team has a lot of reasons to be optimistic after making a break in Philadelphia and now they only need to win at home to get to the Eastern Conference Finals. Of course, that’s easier said than done and the Hawks have had a tough break after DeAndre Hunter had to go on a season-ending surgery. Hunter already missed the first two games, but the Hawks were hoping to get him back at some point. In any case, Atlanta will also be without Reddish and Goodwin, but they will get Kris Dunn back for Game 3.

Philadelphia 76ers

The team from the City of Brotherly Love got back on track with a win in Game 2, which tied the series before the teams moved to Atlanta for the next two games. The 76ers now have to take the home-court advantage back from the Hawks in order to progress, but the team that was first in the East in the regular season can certainly pull that off. Luckily for them, they have a clean bill of health and the only player on the injury list is Joel Embiid, but he will almost certainly play in Game 3 after dominating in the first two games of the series.

Frequently asked questions for Hawks vs 76ers

Who Is the Top Scorer for Each Team In the Series?

Joel Embid is the top scorer for the 76ers with 39.5 points per game, while Trae Young is leading the Hawks with 27.5 PPG.

When Will Game 3 of the Hawks vs 76ers Matchup Be Played?

Game 3 will be played on Thursday, June 11th, at 1:30 pm ET, on Tuesday, June 8th.

Which Team Has Won the Last Game?

The 76ers have won Game 2 of the series, 118-102, but the teams are tied after the first two games.

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