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Clippers vs Suns prediction – Game 3 (06/24/2021)

Once again, the Clippers find themselves down 2-0 in the series, for the third time in these playoffs. This time, the Suns will try to avoid the faith of the Mavs and the Jazz in order to reach the NBA Finals. With that in mind, we’ll take a closer look at Game 3 and our top Clippers vs Suns predictions and picks, as well as betting odds and lines for this game.

Our Top Clippers vs Suns Predictions and Picks

We know that no team in the history of the NBA league came back from losing 3-0 in a series, so Game 3 is a must-win game for the Clippers. So, here are some of our favorite Clippers vs Suns predictions, tips, and picks:

Lines and odds for this and other games are often changing, so check the odds with your bookie before you place your bet.

Clippers vs Suns Prediction

Suns to Win on Moneyline

The Suns have shown in the first two games of the series that they are a great team even without Chris Paul. So, with Chris Paul being probable for tonight, our top Clippers vs Suns prediction is for the Suns to win Game 3. Yes, the Clippers need to win this game or they are basically out of the series, but after a shocking loss in the last second of Game 2, we don’t see the Clippers recovering mentally to get back into the series – especially without Kawhi Leonard.

Deandre Ayton Over 15.5 Total Points

After the first two games in the series, Ayton is averaging 22 points per game. It’s obvious that Zubac is no match for him, as well as Cousins who is far from his best self. So, the young center from Bahamas is dominating in this series and we expect him to continue to do so. With that in mind, we were surprised to see the line set at 15.5 points for Ayton and we will gladly take over on those totals.

Reggie Jackson Over 18.5 Total Points

The experienced playmaker has been balling in these playoffs, which was not something that many people expected. Reggie Jackson is averaging 17.3 points per game in the playoffs, but he averaged 21.5 points per game in the first two games of the Clippers vs Suns series. With Leonard out, he will have to step up once again if the Clippers are to have any chance of making the NBA Finals, or at least winning Game 3 in this series.

Clippers vs Suns preview – Are the Clippers able to shift another series?

With two games in their bag, the Suns are going to Los Angeles to try get one step closer to their first NBA Finals appearance since the 1993, while the Clippers are looking for their first win in the Clippers vs Suns series. So, let’s take a closer look at both teams ahead of Game 3:

Los Angeles Clippers

Although the Clippers managed to come from being down 2-0 in both of the previous playoff rounds, they will have a tougher task coming back into this series. First of all, Kawhi Leonard has already been ruled for Game 3 as well, while he is unlikely to be ready to play even beyond that. Of course, Ibaka is out for the season, so the Clippers will have to find a way to win without them. Secondly, the Game 2 loss was heartbreaking for the Clippers since the Suns won that game in an unbelievable fashion, scoring a basket from an in-bounds play with less than a second left on the clock. Lastly, Chris Paul is likely coming back for Game 3, so the Clippers certainly have a mountain to climb.

Phoenix Suns

Things are going so well for the Suns in these playoffs and their fans are probably already dreaming of getting their hands on the Larry O’Brien Trophy. But the Clippers vs Suns matchup is not over yet, even though the Suns seem to have this series in the bag. They are up 2-0 after an incredible, last-second win in Game 2, they are probably getting their experienced leader back for tonight since Chris Paul has cleared COVID-19 protocols after missing the first two games, and they are riding high on confidence after dominating the previous two series in the playoffs.

Frequently asked questions for Game 3 of the Clippers vs Suns Series

Who Is Leading the Clippers vs Suns Series?

The Suns are leading the series after winning the first two games in Phoenix.

Where and When Will Game 3 of the Series Be Played?

Game 3 of the Clippers vs Suns duel is scheduled to begin at 9 pm ET, on Thursday, June 24th. The game will be played at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Who Are The Leading Scorers for Both Teams In This Series?

Paul George is leading the Clippers with 30 points per game in the series, while the top scorer for the Suns is Devin Booker, also with 30 points per game after the first two games.

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