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Yankees vs Rays picks & prediction (2021)

The NY Yankees & TB Rays are two historic teams facing each other in the upcoming regular season. In this article, you can read about our predictions regarding their games and the top markets you can bet on.

Top Yankees vs Rays Picks and Predictions

Let’s check out the latest Yankees vs Rays picks you will have to choose from once the betting markets open. We will post the exact odds and markets for the popular Yankees vs Rays picks once the bookmakers post them.

Yankees vs Rays Picks Selection Bookmaker Click to Place Bet
Moneyline Yankees to win N/A Add to Bet Slip
Spread Yankees +1.5 N/A Add to Bet Slip
Total Under 11.5 N/A Add to Bet Slip

Remember that the selections in our table aren’t the only ones available, and you should always check on the odds for each market before placing the actual wager.

Yankees vs Rays Predictions for the upcoming April Games

yankees vs rays

Both the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays play in the American League and compete with thirteen other teams for the chance to play at the World Series each MLB season. The Yankees vs Rays predictions in this article aren’t 100% because both teams have won plenty of games during the time, they played against each other.

Overall, the statistics state that out of the 404 games they played against each other, the Rays only managed to win 170 of them. In recent years the Rays have gotten in better shape and managed to win more games in comparison to the 2000s when they only won about 36% of all their games against the Yankees.

In the 2020 season, the tables turned and the score between these two teams ended with eleven wins for the Rays against four for the Yankees. In the short season last year, the Yankees were considered the underdogs for a change.

2021 is a new start and a new season and considering the Yankees are the top choice for the 2021 AL winner, we believe that the games from 9th to 18th of April would be in their favor. We can only wait and see if the Yankees vs Rays predictions were correct and if the Yankees would be the better team this year.

In recent years the Yankees and the Rays have had a bit of a rivalry going on that was at its peak when Sabathia was still playing. Andrew Kittredge was also involved in some of the mix-ups and on-field penalties and word exchanges. We hope that the rivalry between the two teams stays on the field and doesn’t escalate any further.

Top Yankees vs Rays Predictions & Outright Markets

Considering that outright markets are only available for competitions, they aren’t viable for betting on the upcoming NY Yankees vs TB Rays games. If you prefer to bet on outright markets, then you can try betting on the World Series, where the NY Yankees are favorited to win the American League, for now. The main regular-season markets you will be able to choose from are listed below:


Moneylines are the most common bets out of all where you bet on the outcome on fixed prices (odds). You can either bet on the favorite or the underdog to win the match and both teams have different odds. Usually, the underdog is indicated by the plus sign on the prices, while the favorite is indicated by the minus sign on the prices. Moneylines are the most common baseball wager and they should be available on every bookmaker platform.

Seeing as the Yankees are the outright favorite for the AL next season, it is logical to believe that once the odds are posted the Yankees would have the negative odds, but the Rays were in good shape last season and if they keep it up the underdogs might have a shot at winning.


Totals are also called over/under markets and they are significant because of the total number of points or another statistic, like home runs, for example. Bookmakers predict the total number and your role is to bet if the statistic (points, home runs, RBIs, saves, etc.) would be over or under the number specified by the bookmaker.

For example, if the number specified by the bookie is 8.5, you will have to bet if the total points scored or home runs, or another statistic would be over or under that number. This type of betting is also referred to as betting on totals. We will have to wait and see what number the bookmakers give for this season’s games and decide which outcome is more likely.


Spread markets are very popular in Baseball betting and they are also called “point spreads.” They are also called handicaps on most European platforms and they work by giving the underdog an advantage, which essentially handicaps the favorite team. The bookmaker chooses the number of points they believe the favorite team would win by and then they give that team a handicap.

For example, if you bet on the favorite to win, you will only win your bet if your team wins and their margin is greater than the point spread. If you bet on the underdog, you would win the wager if the underdog wins, if the game is a tie, or if the favorite team can’t beat the point spread.

Questions and Answers Regarding Yankees vs Rays Picks

When did the Yankees and Reys play against each other first?

The first game between the Yankees and the Reys was in 1998.

When was the last game between the Reys and the Yankees?

In the last game between the two teams, which was on the 9th of October 2020, the Reys won 2-1 in the AL Division Series.

When does betting on the Yankees vs Reys begin?

You can place bets on these teams as soon as bookmakers release the markets.

Do I need a bookmaker account to bet on the Yankees vs Reys?

Yes, you do. If you don’t register and verify your account, you won’t be able to place bets on the bookie platform.

Can I bet with free credits on the Yankees vs Reys game?

Yes, you can.

Will there be promotions on the Yankees vs Reys games?

We can’t say for sure, but some bookmakers might release free bets or odds boost promotions for any of their games in the future. You would have to check the bookmaker platform to know for sure.

Will I be able to watch live streams of the Yankees vs Reys games on bookie platforms?

If the bookmaker in question provides live streaming to their customers and if they have a license to broadcast the event or they work with a broadcaster who is licensed. You will have to check on the bookmaker’s live streaming schedule to see if they will stream any MLB games, and if there is no schedule posted, you can always contact Customer Support.

Will I be able to place in-play bets on the Yankees vs Reys games?

That depends on the bookmaker you are registered with, and if they will provide in-play betting for the MLB regular-season games.

Which Bookies are the Best at Providing the Yankees vs Rays Picks?

When it comes to the best bookies to choose from the available options depend on your location. You should check out if one of the following bookmakers is available, and if multiple bookies operate in your state, you can read more about them and choose.


PointsBet is a world-renowned bookmaker, who was established recently. They provide two main services to their customers – fixed odds betting and PointsBetting. Betting on fixed-odds is the traditional sports betting offered by any other bookie, but PointsBetting is exclusive to this bookmaker. The more you are correct about your prediction, the more you will win – that’s the principle that PointsBetting works on.


BetMGM is one of the most popular names in sports betting and their platform provides many advantages, such as the exclusive betting features. Customers mostly enjoy using the cash-out and live streaming, but you can also benefit from their live scores and in-play betting. The platform is easy-to-navigate and they provide an attractive and competitive welcome bonus for new customers for both of their Sportsbook and Casino sections.

William Hill

William Hill is not a US-born bookie, but they are some of the best wherever they provide their services. You can check out the places that are available on their website because they have multiple land-based locations and online platforms. You can even download their mobile Sportsbook in some states. Their welcome offer provides you with a risk-free bet of up to $500 and they offer enough bonuses for existing customers.


FanDuel is one of the most popular and home-grown bookmakers in the US and they are available across many states. Their mobile Sportsbook is one of the best on the market and they also provide regular bonuses for existing customers in the form of odds boosts and insurance. You can also bet on Horse Racing on their separate Racing platform.

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