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William Hill NFL betting odds: Get the best value on your wagers

William Hill has proved itself internationally and today, we will check out the latest William Hill NFL odds and betting tips. You can also read more about the bookmaker itself.

William Hill NFL Bonuses and Promotions Available

William Hill provides various bonuses for existing customers in the form of free wagers and risk-free bets. You can find the latest ones on the “Promotions” page, but if you don’t have an account on the platform, you can create one and claim the welcome bonus.

All new customers will receive a $500 risk-free wager, if they verify their accounts, use the unique promo code during registration, and place their qualifying wager within a week. You will only receive the welcome bonus if your qualifying wager loses up to an amount of $500.

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For Which Events Can Customers Get William Hill NFL odds?

NFL Regular Season

The NFL regular season begins in September and it’s the most awaited tournament in Football. Every year it ends with the Superbowl, which is the NFL Championship game. William Hill NFL betting is very popular and they provide futures and regular markets, about which you can read in the rest of the article. Some of the top clashes include:

  • Green Bay vs Dallas
  • New England vs Miami
  • Dallas vs San Francisco

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft begins on April 30th and ends on May 1st. The draft is the most popular way for teams to recruit players every season. The team’s position in the draft order is relevant to their NFL season position the previous year. The last place team goes first and they can either select a player or give their position to another team. Betting on the event is quite popular and bookmakers like William Hill have many betting options related to it once it begins.

William Hill NFL Odds Comparison and Assessment

William Hill has been in the business for many years and they know how what odds to provide to stay at the top of the game. Right now, they offer amazing prices for future NFL bets, but they are mostly general and you can find similar options offered by other bookies, as well. Once the NFL season begins, we will find competitive prices for many games.

William Hill NFL Betting Markets and Tips for Newbies

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NFL Futures

Future bets are available right now, months before the beginning of the NFL season and they are related to picking a winner of a competition or a recipient of an award, for example. These markets would be open until the beginning of the event, so if you want to place a bet you have a limited time. Also, the odds provided for these markets are much better than the odds for regular-season NFL games.

NFL Moneyline

Betting on the Moneyline is the simplest type of bet. All you have to do is choose which team would be the winner in the match. One team is the favorite, and the other is the underdog, and usually, they are recognizably based on the plus/minus sign before the odds themselves.

NFL Point Spread

The Point Spread is the most popular type of NFL betting market, but if you are new to betting, you might have a hard time understanding it. It is similar to European Handicap betting, and for example, let’s say you bet on the favorite team – the Chiefs to win against the Buccaneers at odds of –110.

The bookmaker will add a handicap to both teams, which in our case will be 18 points. If the Chiefs win with a point difference greater than 18, you will win your bet and the price would be better than regular Moneyline odds. If you bet on the underdog, you can win if they win the game and if the Chiefs don’t win with the appointed point difference.

NFL Totals

NFL totals are when you bet if the combined point score of the two teams would be over or under a specific number chosen by the bookmaker. These bets are also called over/under in Europe and the odds for both values are the same.

NFL Proposition Bets

Proposition bets, which are also called “props,” aren’t legal in most states, especially when it comes to College Sports. If the bookmaker in your state provides them, they are most likely legal, but you should check anyway.

What William Hill NFL Betting Features Do Customers Have Access to?

william hill NFL betting odds


Cash-out is an amazing betting feature, which allows you to settle a wager early and get at least some part of your stake or winnings back. The option might not be available for all sports and events, but you will be able to see it if it is. This feature is especially beneficial if your wager isn’t going the way you thought and if you wait until the end of the game, you will lose your whole stake.

Live Streaming

If you want to watch the games you bet on, then you should check out the live streaming feature when it becomes available. Right now, the bookmaker is still acquiring streaming rights, but once the legal stuff gets taken care of, you will be able to use their high-quality live streaming feature, which is already available internationally.

In-Play Betting

You can find all the live events you could wager on in the “In-Play” section. Once you are there you can navigate the events by sport and you won’t have to refresh the page, the odds will automatically change. You might be able to find fewer in-play markets than pre-game ones but sometimes the odds are better.

Daily Boosted Odds

William Hill is providing many boosted odds for multiple sports every day. Once the NFL season begins, we are sure that they will have many boosts for the competition. You can find all of the boosted prices if you click on the “Boosts” link, which is below the In-Play button.

Final Verdict Regarding William Hill NFL Betting and Odds

William Hill is one of the best bookies internationally and they are climbing the USA ladder fast. Their platform is easy-to-navigate and they provide a wide array of NFL betting options even when the season hasn’t officially begun. When September arrives, the bookie will be one of the top choices for NFL betting. In the meantime, consider checking out William Hill NBA odds instead.