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Sure Draw bets: Do they really exist?

Despite the fact that sports betting is a largely unpredictable activity, there are many people these days that claim to have knowledge of wagers referred to as ‘sure bets’. Specifically for football betting, one of the more commonly seen claims is that punters say that they have prior knowledge of the outcome of a game ending in a draw. Of course, unless there was a huge deal of corruption going on between professional teams and groups/individuals, there is simply no such thing. But with that said, there are definitely matches that are played across all of the top leagues where there is a greater chance of a game ending in a draw.

This is often when you will see both predictions and tips online that claim that a match is certain to end in a draw, hence the name – sure draw. This is actually a pretty fascinating concept in the world of sports betting, which is why we would like to discuss the idea of sure draw bets in more detail below.

So, do these bets actually exist?

sure draw bets in football

To put it bluntly, sure draw bets do not exist in the world of legal and ethical sports betting. Therefore, if ever you see a claim online that a game is certain to end in this result, you should take it with a pinch of salt. This is obviously focusing on the dark side of sports betting where people claim that games might be fixed in order for the outcome to be known before the final whistle is blown. However, sure draw bets are also discussed online in a perfectly legal sense, where people simply claim that all of the statistics and form points towards the game finishing with both teams tied.

So while the concept of sure draw betting certainly does exist, the general idea that a game is specifically going to end in a draw that is known with absolute certainty does not. To add to that, it is the very nature of professional football that each team wants to claim a victory over the other, so there would usually be no benefit in teams deliberately trying to tie a game. With that said, there are certain situations and indicators that suggest that betting on a draw is a good bet to make.

Such indicators are discussed in the very next section.

Situations where betting on a draw is a good thing

To clarify the obvious, in a professional game of football, there can only be three outcomes. Either the home team will win, the away team will win, or the game will end in a draw. For the latter, as promised, there are definitely times where betting on such an outcome is appropriate.

Two very defensive teams

This is perhaps one of the best indicators of all. Basically, if you have two teams and two managers that are particularly fond of playing in a defensive fashion, it is unlikely that the game is going to consist of many goals. To add to that, whenever you see a team that doesn’t have a great offensive lineup, it is usually the case that they will then have a very strong defensive setup, which will obviously prevent the opposition from scoring too many goals (if any).

Knockout tournaments with two legs

When thinking of sure draw bets, this is one of the more logical situations where teams may play less aggressively – take the Champions League as a prime example. Let’s say that Real Madrid managed to win by a score of 2-1, away at Barcelona during the first leg. When the game comes back to Real Madrid for the second leg, Barcelona would need to score twice to go through, with Real Madrid failing to score. With Barcelona being a very attacking team, Real Madrid may then shift their strategy to simply prevent Barcelona from scoring. In this case, the game could well end in a 0-0 draw, although it obviously isn’t guaranteed.

Top bookmakers to bet on the draw

The UK betting market is extremely densely populated, which means that there is no shortage of betting providers that you could sign up with. On that note, if you are considering following through on any draw bets, we would then encourage you to sign up with any of the bookmakers listed below.


When it comes to football betting, Betfred really is the best of the best. Not only does this site have a slick and stylish sportsbook set-up, but it is a site that regularly creates fantastic odds and plenty of markets for high-end football matches. To add to this, Betfred provides streaming services for plenty of top-flight European football, which means you can bet on the game and watch it unfold on the same platform. This can also be done with the mobile app, which is impressive, to say the least.


ladbrokes football betting

As one of the main betting brands in the UK, you are probably not surprised to see Ladbrokes make an appearance as one of our recommendations. If you do not yet have a Ladbrokes account, you can unlock free football bets by merely depositing and wagering £5 in the sportsbook. The Ladbrokes sign up offer is one of the most competitive out there. This in itself is a great reason to join Ladbrokes, but beyond the welcome bonus, Ladbrokes is a site that provides competitive odds and you can even boost these odds once per day too.

William Hill

Last but not least, William Hill is another amazing betting site that you may want to consider joining. On this site, you can actually request your own markets, cash out your wagers if things are going well, and you can even stream football events from all around the world. All of this adds up to a highly professional football betting experience, and if you are on the fence about joining this site, you may be swayed by the free sports bets open to all new customers.

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