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Smarkets App: Get the Android or iOS it for free

As a premium betting exchange operating in the UK, the Smarkets mobile app is definitely worth downloading today – check out our full review here. – updated for 2021 changes.

Bonus & Offers details
Get up to £10 in losses refunded in cash + only 0% commission

New customers only. 0% commission rate on all bets settled within 60 days from registration. First £10 in losses refunded in cash. Min. deposit £20. Payment restrictions and T&Cs apply.

Expires on: 31-12-2022
Last check: 2 days ago

How to download the Smarkets mobile app

smarkets sportsbook

If you have an iPhone or Android device right now, you are in the perfect position to download the Smarkets app. As you may have guessed, this app supports the main product that Smarkets offers in 2021 – the betting exchange. And since you can grab bonuses, make back and lay bets, and wager on live sport from this app, it’s a platform that packs a punch. To get the app, follow the download steps shown below:

Android download for the Smarkets app

  • Visit the Smarkets URL from your device
  • Search for Android app in the ‘search bar’
  • Click the install button (trust the APK file)
  • You are all set

The app works perfectly on any device that runs on Android software, and this includes tablets. Now, if you want to download the app for iOS, it’s even easier:

Smarkets app – iOS download

  • Open the app store on your device
  • Type Smarkets
  • Find the designated exchange app
  • Download it in seconds

Note that since Smarkets has just one product offering, there is only one app that you can download. This avoids any confusion when looking through the app store.

Smarkets promo code and the welcome offer

Although it isn’t always necessary, from time to time you might need to apply a Smarkets promo code to get an exclusive deal. For the £10 in free bets that are currently on offer for new customers, you don’t need to type in a code. However, if this welcome offer changes in the future or if we have access to an exclusive offer, you will need to come back and unearth the promo code to get it. More often than not, you’ll be given two chances to apply a promo code on the Smarkets app – when signing up and when depositing.

Smarkets – Site Overview

Before we dive into the Smarkets app and what makes it so special, we’d like to introduce Smarkets from a broader perspective. After all, this site is very different from your traditional betting site. Why? Because Smarkets operates as a betting exchange rather than a mainstream sportsbook. In short, betting exchanges are platforms that provide a peer-to-peer form of betting, which is why back and lay bets are available. That’s also why Smarkets operates as a slightly different model than standard sports betting sites.

While sports betting sites rely on players losing wagers to make money, Smarkets doesn’t. Instead, for supplying these peer-to-peer betting services, Smarkets takes a small commission on winning wagers. As a special limited offer for a few days, it’s 0% commission.

Smarkets mobile app 

Wagering options and main sporting events at Smarkets

The Smarkets betting options are pretty diverse and quite extensive. As you will see when looking through the sports on the app, Smarkets covers markets for top sports such as horse racing, boxing, tennis, basketball, golf, and MMA. All in all, there are more than 20 different sports for you to bet on, and sometimes there are millions that have been wagered on just one particular market. This is regularly the chance when a top sporting event comes around, such as World Cup soccer or a huge boxing fight.

Top competitions to wager on

The Smarkets app is loaded with a bunch of sports you may wager on, as we’ve addressed above. However, there are certain competitions/events that tend to attract more betting activity than others:

Premier League

The Premier League is obviously the biggest competition in English football. It is the top division, contains the best teams, and boasts some of the best action on a weekly basis. This automatically means that punters like to take a swing at the markets! For games involving big teams, Smarkets tends to create all kinds of exciting markets too. So make sure you tune in for these when you can.

Horse Racing (large races)

Horse racing is right up there with the top sports on Smarkets. However, not all races are as big as each other. This goes without saying, but when you get to large races such as the Grand National, the platform can go wild. Not only are there a ton of markets issued for large races, but the amount of money wagered by all members can be significant.


Surprisingly, Smarkets covers UK and global politics pretty extensively. Even more surprisingly, members of Smarkets are huge fans of taking a punt on politics. For example, there is already a ton of open wagers for the next UK Prime Minister. And there are further markets for US politics, Australian politics, and even the EU!

Making a sports wager on the Smarkets mobile app

Although Smarkets clearly has a bunch of markets available, and it definitely offers great odds, you still need to know how to make a wager in the first place. Those of you who are more familiar with placing a bet on an exchange will be just fine with this step, but if betting exchanges are still a new concept for you, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • Choose whether you want to make a ‘back’ or ‘lay’ bet
  • Ensure that there is enough money in the market to justify your bet
  • Click the market to add it to your slip
  • Decide how much you want to stake and place the bet

Smarkets have made it particularly easy to decipher between back and lay bets too since these markets are segregated according to color.

Funding your Smarkets account on the app

smarkets welcome offer

After installing the Smarkets mobile app and signing up, you must make a deposit before you can do anything else. The good news is that this is an easy step, as there are plenty of deposit options and you don’t need to deposit much to get started either. In fact, Smarkets has just a £10 deposit minimum for most methods, although this can increase to £20 for some others. On that note, you can decide to deposit from any of the methods shown below:

  • Skrill/Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Debit card – MasterCard/Visa
  • Prepaid cards
  • Bank transfers

The vast majority of these methods will process immediately when you make a deposit, and Smarkets doesn’t take a cut of any deposits through fees.

Top Features of the Smarkets app

Back and lay bets

smarkets football markets

As a betting exchange, you have the choice to bet ‘for’ an event or ‘against’ an event. This gives much better flexibility with your wagers compared to a traditional sportsbook.

Graphic representations

Smarkets gives striking visuals on the mobile app, and you can use these visuals to check out the betting activity for any market. You can also check the graph to see how odds have fluctuated too.

Live betting

Of course, one of the best aspects has to be live betting. Here you can grab some absolute gems if you are quick on the trigger – and you can make a live bet in seconds with the Smarkets app.

Customisable sportsbook

You should see small stars next to all sports within the app. These stars can be selected or deselected as you see fit. However, when you select these stars, the sports that you’ve chosen will be listed at the top of the sportsbook. This is where you’ll see your favourites, and basically, it means that you’ll be shown the most relevant sports and markets first. After all, everyone has different sports and events that they’d prefer to bet on. So why not change the game and adapt the sportsbook to suit your own preferences?

It really does make sense, and it makes the Smarkets app even easier to use and place wagers from.

User experience on the Smarkets app

We would go as far as to say that the Smarkets mobile app is one of the best designs out of any other betting app in the UK. The color scheme is awesome, with vibrant green and dark black on every page, and while the app has a bunch of top features, it’s still highly responsive and quite rapid. We really cannot find much to fault in the app, which bodes well for a great user experience.

Final review of the Smarkets mobile app – phenomenal

smarkets big logo

While betting exchanges naturally give a different perspective on regular betting, it’s difficult to find an exchange app that works as well as Smarkets. We love that this app has a color scheme to split the available markets and to highlight back/lay wagers, and the graphs that are also listed make it feel more like a Wall Street trading floor than just any old betting exchange. And since the app also contains fantastic odds, along with varied markets and the chance to cash-out bets – what’s not to love?

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