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SISAL promo code: What to expect if they win the National Lottery tender

The National Lottery scene in the United Kingdom has been relatively dull in recent years, but this is all set to change with the entrance of Sisal into the picture. The Italian lottery operator has decided to apply for the UK National Lottery Licence as the fourth player. After having achieved plenty of success in recent years following its move beyond Italian shores, Sisal has bigger aspirations when it comes to the UK lottery scene. So far, the company has a 100% record when it comes to the lottery tenders, as they have won the applications in three countries – Italy, Morocco, and Turkey – without a hitch.

The site is yet to go online, but one can expect UK gamblers to be able to experience the site, and enter the Sisal promo code sooner rather than later. Once it arrives, Sisal is expected to benefit immensely from the heavy investments made in the world of artificial intelligence and digital technologies. The assistance from these technologies have been taken in order to create a responsible strategy for gambling. In addition to the Tech Fest that customers can expect, Sisal promo code will also provide an opportunity to pick up some excellent ones. The exact details of the rewards that can be claimed using the Sisal promo code are still not out yet, but one can expect sizable offers on the table.

Reason for stepping into the market

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The National Lottery has undoubtedly been going through a decline in recent years. The increase in ticket prices a decade ago coupled with the addition of 10 balls have been key changes to the space over the years. The industry has not been able to make a complete recovery, but the arrival of Sisal National Lottery could change the picture. Many of the existing players in the market has seen a decline of more than 4 million customers, but the arrival of this new brand will herald a sign of the relevance, which has been missing badly, among consumers.

Sisal have to deal with a tricky set of statuses like the need to overhaul some of the iconic products. However, the company has a very successful record being able to work around older products and trying to breathe in a lot of freshness. Along with the overhaul of the products, Sisal National Lottery may also be focusing quite significantly on the bonuses and rewards that a player would get when they become part of the site.

Market is heating up

A tender introduced by the UK Gambling Commission is a significant reason behind the entry of Sisal. Launched only in August 2020, the bidding process for a license would almost take an entire year, but many companies are starting to show their interest of the same despite the long queues. The lottery space has been gaining a lot of traction and it would be unwise for businesses like Sisal to not do out with the leads generated by this space.

The first giant to show an interest in competing for the pan-European lottery would be Sazka Group, who were able to get a license back in 2020. This license was awarded in October of last year. It was immediately followed by Sugal & Damani, who have a huge presence in the Indian lottery space, getting their license in November. Despite getting into the preliminary stages of the bidding process, Camelot did not get into the actual process of bidding due to various reasons.

Advantages of a Sisal promo code

Despite knowing about the presence of Sazka group with their deep pockets and the presence of incumbent Camelot would have deterred most other competitors. However, Sisal have been able to enter into the space with a lot of confidence provided by their 75+ years of experience of working in the industry. During this time, Sisal has become one of the leaders when it comes to lottery innovations, responsible gambling, digital presence, and more. The use of state-of-the-art technology in almost every facet has been immensely beneficial to the company, which aims to take a slice of the 30 million customers and £8 billion worth of turnover that takes place through the national lottery.

Gaming opportunities provided by Sisal

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The major advantage with Sisal is the years of experience in being able to work with games that provide a lot of entertainment to players. Since 2000, the brand has steadily grown to offer various types of games like:

  • National Lottery titles
  • Slot machines
  • Video lottery terminals
  • Remote gaming options
  • Horse racing options (fixed odds and totalizer)

As a result of the years of experience, Sisal has been able to with many agencies that provide world-class gaming facilities. For those concerned with lottery titles, the key options available would be:

  • SuperEnalotto
  • SiVinceTutto
  • VinciCasa
  • Win for Life
  • Eurojackpot

It remains to be seen if how many of these choices would make it to the UK shores. Even if there are some changes to the gaming choices, users can still expect some handsome rewards through the Sisal promo code.

Online Gaming Products

The online betting platform from Sisal is one of the early entrants into the space. Since then, the brand has developed a presence in different parts of the digital channel like casino games, skill games, poker, card games, and more. All these provide a diversified set of opportunities for users. The Italian version of Sisal also manages to include some bingo and some quick games as well. Even though the Sisal promo code is likely to deliver different rewards for players in the UK, there may not be huge changes to the gaming products.


The entry of Sisal into the national lottery space is being seen with a lot of expectation and anticipation. Apart from being well-equipped to revive the industry through rewards, which would largely be available through the Sisal promo code, will also provide options for new users to enhance the experience with the brand even further. This should ensure a positive experience when Sisal comes to the United Kingdom with its wide product range.