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Sam Stoffel: the Brains Behind Profit Accumulator

Sam Stoffel may not be a household name but utter the words ‘Profit Accumulator’ and plenty of ears will prick up. Sam is the founder and CEO of Profit Accumulator, a website that provides punters with the education and tools to profit using matched betting.

When Did Stoffel Decide to Step into the Business world? 

In truth, Stoffel didn’t have a career in business earmarked for his future. He was a student at the University of Leeds when the seeds of Profit Accumulator were planted in his brain back in 2014. Remarkably, the three things that underpin Profit Accumulator – sports, betting and coding – weren’t remotely on the radar with Stoffel studying Cinema and Photography.

Of course, there is more to student life than study. That was certainly the case for Stoffel who, like many students, found himself searching around for ways to make some extra cash. It was during this period that he stumbled across the concept of matched betting. The matched betting strategy is something that guarantees a profit from what is traditionally a game of luck – betting.

For most people, the jargon and complex nature is enough to turn them off the topic. That wasn’t the case for Stoffel. He appreciated what could be achieved through following the strategy and set about breaking the process down into its simplest form. Even today, six years later, that approach is the bedrock of Profit Accumulator. It has taken a complicated process and cut it down into bite size nuggets of information. This kills two birds with one stone. One, even the most inexperienced person can exploit the huge gains available from matched betting and two, those who have the know-how but not the time can now make their profit with 99% of the stress removed.

What is Profit Accumulator? 

In a nutshell, Profit Accumulator is a website that facilitates matched betting. That doesn’t remotely do Stoffel’s company justice though because it wouldn’t have been an easy place to get to. There are a few elements to the site that are critical. Firstly, they have the ability to spot free bet offers and highlight them to their users; this is something that they do more of than any other matched betting platform out there. Then you have the combination of a seven day a week customer service and a well established forum; this enhances the learning process and gives bettors a support basis of varying degrees and, finally, there is the most important aspect – the software.

Matched betting relies on exploiting specific betting odds across numerous different bookmakers and betting exchanges. By picking the right events, applying the right stakes against the right odds you can walk away with a profit; Profit Accumulator does all of this for you. It’s done in an easy to use manner too.

How Does the Company Make Money? 

No entrepreneur can be successful without making money. Fact. So how does Profit Accumulator bring in cash if they’re not a bookmaker in their own right? Essentially, they’ve built a subscription like service but they’ve done it with a bit of a twist.

Currently, they offer two pricing tiers – an annual rate (£150) and monthly fee (£20) – both of which offer good value for money. It’s one of their core principles; offer your customers value and they’ll a) sign up and b) renew. That’s the other big factor in how Profit Accumulator market themselves – they don’t ask for a commitment to a minimum term meaning you can terminate your subscription at any time. You can also sign up for a free trial. Again, it’s all about the faith they have in their product.

How Many Users do They Have?

The platform has a substantial following with over 100,000 paying users. It’s been a remarkable journey for Stoffel who started the company with his own savings and promoted his site via Facebook to begin with. From there, he utilised affiliate marketers to gain further traction and now relies on excellent customer care and market leading technology to keep their customers happy.

How Much is Stoffel worth? 

Profit Accumulator is a seven figure business, which is beyond Stoffel’s wildest dreams given the company was launched just six years ago. Most companies don’t turn a profit until at least year three! Stoffel himself has a net worth of £1.2m and it will continue to grow as the business expands.

There you have it, the story of self-made millionaire Sam Stoffel; his journey offers hope and guidance to all.